What the heck happens here at Daisy Smiley Face? Well, funny you should ask. Allow me to provide the deets, FYI.

Daisy Smiley Face is certified FRESH and NEW (and gluten free!) several days each week. Which days? Depends on what Muse will allow (she’s so finicky). There are themes for several days, however. They are:

  • Tara’s Take on Tuesdays
    I usually write a lil’ story about something that happened to me that was amusing or I opine about something from my point of view because, um, well, it’s Tara’s Take. Read examples of Tara’s Take posts. Tara’s Take: also the name of my newsletter. Have you heard?
  • Alternately, I’ll post just a photo on Thousand Word Tuesday. A picture’s worth at least a thousand words, right?
  • Random Thoughts Thursdays 
    My brain’s always moving and the way the thoughts connect is weird, wacky, unique, and sometimes strange, but hopefully always entertaining. RTT: See what my brain spits out. On Twitter, check out #DSFRTT for my postings or peruse the category here. *I regularly post on the third Thursday of the month Random Thoughts Thursday: Brief Epistles. Who will I write to this month? See those posts here.
  • #WeekendCoffeeShare, usually on Saturdays.
    I participate in this awesome blog hop with an awesome community of writers and others. It’s casual and conversational and so much fun. Check those posts out here.
  • Movie Monday
    Back in the day, I used to write reviews in which I compared my thoughts to those of my movie soulmate, Roger Ebert (RIP). We often agreed. I also watched more movies back then. Now, I’m on the extremely exclusive Netflix two DVDs per month plan and Movie Monday is my extremely infrequent movie/TV show review series. See what flicks I’ve seen. Did you see and agree?
  • Merry Monday
    Sometimes, something happens on a Monday (or I may hold it for a Monday) that might brighten people’s day. Monday gets such a bad rap. I feel bad for it! It’s just another lovely day! See what a Merry Monday in my world looks like.
  • Friday Free-For-All
    ‘Tis exactly what it sounds like, a catch-all, a place to put thoughts that don’t fit into other categories. New this Fall!
  • And finally, The Way My Mind Works. It’s a series of asides about… wait for it… the way my mind works. These thoughts may tie to one of the themes above or may be totally random and on any day of the week! It’s anarchy! Read those posts here. (Yes, I know there’s only one right now. You have to start somewhere, right?)

Those are the main things we do here at Daisy Smiley Face. More may be added! One never knows… Happy reading!