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School Days

I’m a gal who likes to learn. Though my official school days are long gone, I like taking classes for fun. Apparently, though, this Autumn “semester” is all about me, me, me.

There are adulting things I want to change. In order to do that, I have to be in the best mental shape I can be. I’ve made some necessary changes in the past year or two, and I’ve been successful whilst struggling off and on, as one does. The leaps I’m looking to make, however, require more, and for that, I need to up my mental workout.

I noticed this shift when I started perusing the local and nearby language, arts, and other classes. None of them called to me, as they usually do. But an online course about succeeding as a empath in a world not built for us crossed my path. A free meditation offering by a guru I admire tweeted by. And a group of spiritual seekers I encountered years ago reentered my radar when I heard their leader on local radio about something else entirely (and for the first time in years).

I’m not one to miss a message that obvious when the universe sends it along.

Does that mean this introvert won’t do anything this Fall that means interacting with others just for fun? No. But this self-work is my priority, required work to get where I want to be.

Besides, it’s safer than the previously suggested roller derby and it’s cheaper than the previously suggested hypnotherapy (which I don’t believe in anyway, as it turns out). But most importantly, these are things that resonated with me the minute I heard/saw them. That is most telling, to an intuitive like me.

And also, those things were suggested for stress and anxiety, still issues that exist in my world to some degree (as they shall always wax and wane). What needs strengthening at this moment is my introvert muscle, in order to better deal with this extroverted world, which will help me leap to where it is I want to go.

NOW I have a reason to do my Back to School Shopping at Staples — a new semester at the University of Me.

#WeekendCoffeeShare: This Is Only A Drill

If we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), I would tell you this is only a drill. I REPEAT: THIS IS ONLY A DRILL. I don’t remember why, but I scheduled myself off this Monday, so I have a three-day weekend. That makes this weekend a drill because in a few weeks I have a full week off. Apparently, my mini-vacay is practice for the real deal. I’m really working hard at this.

Let’s chat.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Happy New Year

If we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), I’d say hello! It’s good to see you again! It’s been almost three weeks since we’ve spent time together. I might be a bit wordy, since it’s been a while. But I have many a tasty beverage and butter pound cake — we can put strawberries on top. Last weekend was the three-day Labor Day holiday, the unofficial end of summer. And this weekend feels like fall. YAY!

Let’s chat.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Surrender

WCS Tea BagIf we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), I’d have a double. I’m so thirsty from, you know, summering. *sigh* Wait… sighing uses up way too much energy… … …

Let’s chat.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Cat and Muse

WCS Tea BagIf we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), you’d ask where I was on Saturday. I know, I’m usually here then, but I decided to stay offline most of the day. A nice respite. Also, you’d ask why I’m limping. My Martika-Travis Tritt-Britney Spears, et al, solo dance party got a little out of hand. Twas fun, though — totally worth the slight hammie.

Let’s chat.

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