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#ThursdayDoors: Patriotic Puerta

My four-day Independence Day weekend begins in less than 48 hours. Ahhhhhh.

*said in baseball stadium announcer voice* Please join with me as we honor America with photos of patriotic houses.

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#ThursdayDoors: Sign of the Times

It’s been a while since I was on the campus. I went to school there years ago as an undergrad, but return often for classes for fun. As I beginning planning in earnest for my 2022 Camino de Santiago, I decide to take Spanish. The campus is exactly the same, except for how it sadly isn’t. 

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#ThursdayDoors: Found

Cleaning out computer files is no fun, as I’m sure you know. But sometimes, you find something you forgot was there (who am I kidding, that happens EVERY time). I recently discovered these photos, taken by me, on May 25, 2016. That’s right! A year ago today! Before I even knew of  #ThursdayDoors. 

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#ThursdayDoors: Truck or Treat

Sitting in traffic on March 30, I found myself behind a truck with some of my favorite treats inside — just behind its back door, mere feet from my car. I could sneak up, open it, and be in one of my versions of heaven….

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#ThursdayDoors: Before and After

The week before The Week From Hell, I took the pic of this house, from the driver’s seat of my car. I’m always on the lookout at a red light for an interesting thing to capture.

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