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Blue Tootie Tale

It’s a lovely day for a walk, so I finally took my baby, Blue Tootie, to the car hospital for a check-up. She needs her oil changed as well as her annual inspection, aka my annual donation to the government fund for ridiculousness because my car is new and really? Inspected EVERY year?

This is one of my least favorite activities. It’s one of those first world problem hassles that I grimace and groan about. (This may be why I’m a month late getting it done, although I’m blaming emergency events in April for distracting me, which they did, but I digress.)

Of course, Anxiety doesn’t like when I do this either. She’s soooooo melodramatic! “It’s like our legs are being cut off! What if we need to get away? Go home? What if…”

I remind her that we have many other options if, for some unforseeable reason, we’d need to flee (her word) during the few hours we’re carless: family nearby with cars, cabs, public transportation (which she hates, though), walking. If we had to get somewhere, we could. She relaxes a bit, and I complement her on the fact that she’s gotten much better at dealing with this particular inconvenience of owning a car. Plus, I remind her, taking care of Blue Tootie means she can take us further, safely, once she’s all done.


Anxiety pouts, but agrees. Luckily, since I found a place within walking distance of work, we had a nice stroll on a spring morning today. The birds were singing and we didn’t have to play Frogger to get across the busy street to our complex. See, that was fun! I even took a picture for my #365Project along the way. Look! I found a Smurf house!

And in a few short hours, we’ll pick up Blue Tootie and get our legs back, as Anxiety likes to say. Then tonight, perhaps we’ll take a spin to celebrate Toot’s latest successful visit to the car clinic. Tis also a reward for me for doing something I hate (inconvenience!) and for Anxiety for doing something that makes her uncomfortable. Small victories add up to bigger ones, you know.

Blue Tootie is so named because she’s blue, and because when people hear her horn, they say Toot toot! So that’s how she became Blue Tootie.


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  1. Damn… you just reminded me I need to get our vehicles inspected. Donation. Yes. πŸ˜‚

  2. Christian Nelson

    Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot! Toot toot!

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